What my clients are saying …...

This is the most important part of my website. The following are observations made by my clients in their own words. This is only a small sampling.

“ I show you as a role model for every person who starts working in our company and industry. I tell them to watch you and learn from you." 

Frank Ipaktchi. Fidelity Capital Funding, C.E.O

“ You are amazing. Your honesty and integrity impressed us the most. We wanted to hug you when we signed the papers at the close of escrow.”

Michael & Mary Bower

“ You are the most persistant person we have ever known. We really appreciate what you have done for us”

Hector & Editha Galura

“ I do appreciate you have closed my loan even though I was turned down many times with other lenders. You made things very simple for me.”

Oscar Warren

“ We got exactly what you told us at the beginning. From beginning to end everything was so smooth. We enjoyed working with you.”

Antoinette & Anthony Kohlman

“ I still cannot believe you made me a home owner. I’m grateful for everything you have done for me”

Kemal Erkol

“ We had experience with other mortgage companies before we met you and they were not pleasant. However, we enjoyed working with you. You were straightforward and very clear. There were no suprises at the end. We will come back to you for all of our mortgage needs and refer you to our friends and family.”

Richard Garrison & Maurica Garrison

“ You delivered more than you promised! At the beginning you told us that you would like to under promise and over deliver. It’s exactly what happened with us.”

Laina Casillas & Frank Casillas

“ We trust you so much. You have earned it”

Cem Kursunoglu & Deniz Kursunoglu

“ You worked so hard to clean up my credit problems. No one else took the time and effort to do that. It paid off and I’m so happy”

Barbara Mcrae

“ The level of your service was beyond my expectations. It was personal and unmatchable. Thank you!”

Norma Siochi

“ You work ethic is unbelievable. Since we were not able to drive and needed your additional help, you came to our house twice during the loan process both in the evenings. Everytime we called you, you either talked to us or returned our call quickly. We were kept informed, and you were on top of everything. What a pleasure working with you.”

Leoncio Gabbac & Milagros Gabbac

“ You are our angel. Without you we wouldn’t own this house. I remember that you met us at midnight because of my late shift. Who else would do that ? When it comes to mortgages, you are number one”

Benjamin Aranico & Magdalena Aranico